My Review of the Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill.

Grilling should not be a chore. Fetching the propane tank is inconvenient. Waiting for coals to heat up is a bore. Electric grills fix these problems. Just plug the grill in, wait a few minutes, and you’re ready to grill. No need to buy expensive propane or charcoal briquettes, electricity is dirt cheap.Masterbuilt Electric

When grilling, I actually like to feel like a man. Messing around with a George Foreman or a countertop grill just doesn’t feel like grilling. It feels like living in a college dorm. I want to feel the wind on my face, hear the sounds of the yard, and just enjoy the outdoors.

The Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill meets all my needs for an electric grill. It is affordable and compact, perfect for a single guy like myself. Cooking is quick and efficient, no grilling rocket science is required. Finally, this grill is simply attractive. It looks like the kind of grill you would find in a spaceship.

Below you will find my review on this Masterbuilt Grill. All grills have Pros and Cons. When reading this review, keep in mind that the Masterbuilt is made primarily for the undemanding griller. Grill purists may be turned off from this item. Otherwise, the everyday griller or even the occasional griller will find a lot to like here.


Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill
Under $120
Attractive Metal Design
Sears Meat Quickly
Easy Assembly
Efficient Way of Grilling
Plug into Any Outlet
1650-watt Heating Element
196 Inches to Grill On
Grill Cover Included
Weighs less than 25 lbs


Easy Peasy Grilling: Just Plug-in and Grill

  • Nothing could be easier than grilling with an electric grill. No fine-tuning a propane grill. No starting coals for a charcoal grill. Just plug your Masterbuilt into an electric outlet, and flip the on switch. Set your temperature gauge to ‘Low, Medium, or High’, and wait for everything to heat up. You’ll be ready to go in five minutes.

Great for Condo Dwellers, Apartment Residents, and Newly Weds

  • Plenty of people want to grill, but are unable to fulfill their grilling fantasies due to onerous restrictions. Have you ever been told no ‘Charcoal or Gas Grills Allowed?’ If you ever have had this problem, here is the workaround. Electric grills pose no serious fire safety hazard the way charcoal and gas can. All you need is a tiny amount of patio space and you’re golden.

One Sharp Looking Grill: A Whole Metal Body

  • What I first noticed about this grill is how attractive it is. Don’t be at all embarrassed by your electric grill. Friends and family will compliment this grill as it looks far more expensive than something you spent $100 on. Choose between a humble Gray Grill or a vibrant Red Grill.

Non-Traditional Grillers Will Love this Grill: Women and the Elderly

  • What scares so many people away from grilling is all the bulky work associated with grilling. Assembly of the grill is a pain. Lugging around bags of charcoal and propane tanks is too burdensome for many. The Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill is simple enough for a non-technical person to assemble in less than thirty minutes. The grill weighs only twenty-five pounds, making it easy to move and handle. And you never have to touch propane tanks or charcoal bags, all you will need to do is plug the grill in.

Cook for a Whole Family: Burgers, Steaks, and Chicken

  • Don’t look at the 196 Square Inches of Grilling Space as being restrictive. Sure, you won’t be able to entertain for a large party. However, this grill is plenty big enough to cook three or four large steaks, six hamburgers, and five chicken breasts in one go. If you need a workhorse grill to cook day in and day out, electric grills make a great choice.

Sear Your Meat at High Temperatures: Reach up to 600°F

  • Electric grills are not toys made for dorm rooms. If you have ever sat waiting around for a George Foreman to heat something up, you will be shocked at how hot this Masterbuilt can get. You read right, 600°F is about the maximum temperature this grill can reach. Your meat will come out seared with visible grill marks on it.

Quality Bonus Goodies: A Cover and Pan

  • MB PanGrill covers often cost $20 and up. Masterbuilt throws in a grill cover for free with your purchase from The cover is great, durable enough to withstand the elements and is nice looking. Be sure to use the included all-metal grilling pan. It is actually quite nice, especially as a dedicated vegetable grilling pan.

Clean Your Grill in Mere Minutes: Removable Parts Rock

  • The most important part of your grill to keep clean is the grilling grate. With the Masterbuilt, you are able to remove the grilling grate and wash it in the sink. This keeps the grill in about as clean as a state as possible. Be sure to wipe down the rest of your grill with damp paper towels after each grilling to remove any sort of grease splatter. Also, line your drip pan with tin foil so as to speed up any mess cleaning process.


Temperature Loss: A Failure in Design

  • The Masterbuilt can lose temperature fast if the grill lid is opened up. Losing temperature is incredibly bad for the grilling process. In order to avoid this problem, you must grill with confidence. Poking your meat while it is grilling every other minute will significantly lengthen the grilling time. Only open the Masterbuilt to flip the meat, to check the final temperature, and to finally remove the meat.

Lacking in the Full Grilled Flavor

  • The truth is, electric grills will never be able to deliver the flavor of charcoal or propane. Masterbuilt grills your meat. It leaves grill marks. But, it just can’t offer the full smoky flavor. The best shortcut to get the authentic grilled flavor is to add Smoked Sea Salt to your meat while grilling.

Possible Faulty Part – The Temperature Gauge

  • When you get your grill assembled and cooking, be sure to make sure your temperature gauge is accurate. If you have a digital thermometer, check and see how close the built-in Masterbuilt thermometer happens to be. Many folks report faulty thermometers, but they are often damaged in the assembly process. If yours is broken, contact Masterbuilt for a free replacement part to be mailed directly to your house.

Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill versus Similar Grills:

Need a More Affordable Grill? Standard

  • Look at the George Foreman Electric Grill.

    • The George Foreman Electric Grill will save you nearly $30. At the end of the day, these two grills are very similar. Both will deliver identical grilling results. The Masterbuilt Grill costs a bit extra due to its all metal body and its ability to reach higher temperatures.
    • Read our Full Review of the George Foreman Electric Grill

Want the Top of the Line Electric Grilling Experience?

  • Check out the Weber Q-2400 Electric Grill.

    • All the bells and whistles can be found with the Weber Electric Grill. You’ll get more grilling space, better controls, and a product that is so much more ingeniously designed. Upgrading to the Weber Grill from the Masterbuilt Electric Grill will cost more than $100. If you need an electric grill for the long haul, the Weber Q-2400 is a solid choice.

Need an Electric Grill Exclusively for Indoor Grilling?

  • The Delonghi Perfecto Grill Makes a Great Choice.

    • Personally, I would not use the Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill indoors. The ultra-high temperatures it can reach worry me too much. Plus this Masterbuilt is a bit hefty due to its metal body. It is best to just keep the Masterbuilt outdoors. However, if you want an electric grill for indoor use the Delonghi Grill cooks up food quickly with great flavor. It is so convenient to use and even easier to clean.


Value for the Money:

The Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill makes a great addition to anyone’s patio. If you’re on the market for an indoor electric grill, I would recommend looking at other electric grill models. None the less, the Masterbuilt Electric Grill is an attractive grill that can withstand the outdoor elements. Your meat will come off this grill seared to perfection. First time grill buyers and anyone with an apartment patio should definitely consider picking up this Masterbuilt. Overall, the Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill receives 3.5 stars out of 5.

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