Nothing turns me off more from electric grills than their ugly appearance and failure to grill well. I don’t want to put something that looks like a Playskool toy on my patio and call it a grill. Finding that authentic grilling experience in an electric 91wTFQDcbUL._SL1500_grill is the holy grail for any serious fans of electric grills.

The Easy Street Deluxe Electric Cart Grill looks like it meets all my needs at first appearance. I love the way this grill looks. So far, I have not found a more authentic looking electric grill. If you didn’t tell me it was electric, I would assume it was either a propane or charcoal grill. Put that my back patio, and I’ll be happy.

What else do I like about this grill from first impressions? It actually grills. All too often I am out there grilling with one of those dome lid electric grills, and I open the lid up for thirty seconds to flip the burgers. What happens? Fifty to one hundred degrees have just escaped from opening the grilling lid. The Easy Street is actually designed like a real grill. Heat drop offs are not sudden and dramatic.

Okay, so we know two things right away. The Easy Street looks great and works like a real grill. That alone is enough for me, but there are plenty of fine details. We need to know how big this grill is? How many people can we entertain? What’s its main purpose? How easy is it to assemble and maintain? All of these questions and more will be covered in the detailed review below.


Easy Street Electric Grill
Less than $190
Heat Builds Quickly
Great for Apartment Use
Simple and Logical Design
Plug into Any Outlet
200 Square Inches to Grill on
1500 Watts of Power
Grease Pan Trap
Rolling Wheels


Simple and Quick Assembly

  • Parts just come together when building the Easy Street Grill. First things first, separate your parts into individual piles. Then get the instructions out and read them carefully. All you should need is an electric drill and a Philips screwdriver. All in all, you should be able to get everything done in less than an hour.

The Little Things Count

  • I absolutely love that the Easy Street comes with foldable end tables. If I need to prep or just need a place to hold tools for awhile, all I need to do is set it down on the end table. My other favorite little thing on this grill is the see through window. Opening your grill let’s heat escape rapidly. One of the worst things you can do while grilling is repeatedly opening the grill up. If all I need is a status update, I will just look through the window for a quick spot check.

A Top Choice for Apartment Residents91xBuEmcY-L._SL1500_

  • Keeping an open-flame grill at an apartment is a no-no for most. This leaves electric grills for anyone still wanting to grill. Even better, the Easy Street Grill is compact and easy to fit into any corner or nook on a patio. All you’ll need is easy access to an electric outlet. Problem solved.

Delivers a BBQ Taste and Sear Marks

  • Need an electric grill that can actually deliver a BBQ flavor? Many electric grills fail in that department, but the Easy Street succeeds. Compared to most electric grills, the Easy Street Grill is one of the best. Now, it won’t char your meats the way a charcoal grill will. Nonetheless, you get those black sear marks and a grilled flavor. To take it up to the next level, consider adding Smoked Sea Salt to your meats before cooking.

The Rotisserie Attachment is Awesome

  • You don’t have to shop at the super market or market deli in order to enjoy rotisserie cooked meats. Rotisserie grilling your own meat at home is so easy with the Easy Street Grill. A few propane and charcoal rotisserie options exist out there, and of course smoker are available too, but the Easy Street simplifies the rotisserie cooking process. Just load your bird onto the rotisserie rack, and let it cook for three hours or so. Your meat will come out tender and juicy.

Entertaining at a Party is Great

  • Make use of that rotisserie attachment to entertain guests. Everyone likes a special treat, and it is not everyday that people get to eat whole chicken or whole turkey birds. If you want to be more traditional, burgers, dogs, and chicken are all great to cook. Ten people is about the max you should expect to feed with this grill.

An Everyday Workhorse of a Grill

  • There is no excuse to skip out a night of grilling with the Easy Street Grill. You’ll never be out of propane or charcoal. Your grill runs off electricity and that stuff is practically free in comparison. Just plug that grill in, wait fifteen minutes for it to heat up, and begin to grill. Truly a dependable product for a family or even a bachelor looking for a convenient way to cook meats.

Electricity is So Convenient and Affordable

  • Once you begin grilling with an electric grill, you’ll never miss having to buy propane and charcoal. Buying propane and charcoal from Home Depot costs so much over time. Think about it. A tank of propane may last two or three weeks depending on your grilling needs. That is at least $200 spent on propane per year. Same with charcoal. Electricity is dirt cheap. All you have to do is plug your grill in. Never go to the store again and save money. A win-win.

Cleanup is a Breeze

  • To save a ton of cleanup time, line your drip pan with tin foil. Alternatively, you could buy disposable drip plan replacements, but just lining the included drip pan with tin foil will save you a ton of cash. You should also line the lower portion of your grill with heavy foil. All the drippings will fall onto the foil and stay there. Once done cooking, all you have to do is through your foil away.


Quality Control: Missing Parts81LAJfIEB5L._SL1500_

  • For some reason, many customers have reported problems with missing parts. If this happens, first contact Trying to get Easy Street to fix this problem is a humongous hassle. Amazon will cover everything within the first thirty days.

Serious Grill Fans May be Disappointed

  • Look, electric grills will not be truly authentic. The flavor from charcoal and propane is absolutely unique and can not be fully replicated by an electric grill. Nonetheless, the Easy Street Grill reaches high temperatures and sears the meat well. Workarounds like smoked sea salt and grilling wood chips helps to kick the flavor profile up.

Easy Street versus Similar Models

Need a More Affordable Grill?

Want the Best Electric Grill Around?

  • Go with the Weber Q2400 Grill
    • You’ll be paying over $100 more for Weber Q2400 Grill. What will you get for that extra cost? A far more durable grill that is better built. The Easy Street may last for five years before serious repairs are needed. With the Weber Q2400, you can expect ten years of service and beyond.
    • Read Our Full Review of the Weber Q2400 Grill

Need an Indoor Grill?

  • I recommend the Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill
    • No matter which way you cut it, the Easy Street Grill can not be used indoors. You’ll need a grill that doesn’t throw up smoke and is designed for indoor use. The Delonghi Perfecto Grill is the best all around indoor grill for simple tasks. As an added bonus, the model is quite affordable.

Value for the Money?

  • The Easy Street is a solid choice for anyone needing an electric grill. If you’re living in an apartment and just want to feel like your really grilling even though you have an electric grill, definitely look into the Easy Street. Even those of us with a dedicated patio, the Easy Street offers plenty of little luxuries to make it a fun secondary grill. Overall, I would give the Easy Street Electric Grill a total of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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