Finding an easy to use portable grill these days can cause a lot of heartburn. Cheap Chinese grills flood the markets of big box stores. Separating the wheat from the chaff is near impossible for sub-$150 grills when shopping in person. Do you opt for the tabletop gas grill? A charcoal kettle grill? Something else?

The Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill solves this problem. It offers a powerful combination thanks to its portable design and electric grilling power. The Cuisinart Electric Grill weighs only seventeen pounds and can be stored in the trunk of a sedan. To power this grill all that’s needed is an electrical outlet.

Ease doesn’t come at the cost of performance with the Cuisinart. Electric grills heat evenly across the grates so that an even sear comes about. Hot spots are a thing of the past with electric grills. Grilling all the traditional foods won’t stop this Cuisinart. Burgers, chicken, steak, fish, and much more sear up nicely on the electric surface.


Cuisinart Electric Grill
Less than $150
Easy Assembly
Heats Evenly across the Surface
Fold Down Design for Easy Storage
Plug-in and Grill from Any Outlet
Weighs 17 lbs
145 Inches to Grill On
1500-watt Heating Element


Easy to Take on the Road

  • Need a grill for your RV lifestyle? Then definitely look into the Cuisinart Electric Grill. It stows away easily thanks to its fold down design. The grill weighs less than twenty pounds and can easily be taken in and out of storage without breaking your back. You can put it in the back of your car, a kitchen cabinet, and in your RV storage areas. Just whip this puppy out when at an RV campsite and plug it into an electric outlet.

Assembly Takes Minutes

  • Building this grill straight out of the box requires next to no skill. Building a Lego set is more challenging. No tools are required. All you’ll need to do is follow the directions and line the pieces up so they snap into place. You’ll be ready to grill in ten minutes from start to finish.

Ease Meets Cost Savings

  • All you need to power this grill is a standard electric outlet. If you’re not near an outlet, then plan on getting an electric cord. Otherwise, you’re no longer going to need to buy expensive charcoal and propane. Electric grilling saves big money over the long run.

Grill All Your Favorite Foods

  • Rest confident that you’ll be able to grill at high temperatures with electric power. Beef, pork, chicken, and fish all grill up nicely on the hot grates. Electric heating elements evenly distribute heat across the grates, and that means you can say ‘Goodbye’ to hot spots. The Cuisinart offers 145 inches to grill on which is more than enough space for a family of four. Expect to grill a max of eight burgers or eight chicken breasts at a time.

Apartment Friendly

  • Don’t let apartment rules stop you from grilling. Fire risks cause most complexes and condos to ban the use of charcoal and gas grills. Electric grills serve as the workaround. Just keep this bad boy out on your patio, and fire it up whenever you’re ready to grill.


Limited Lifespan

  • Electric grills will only last as long as their components. If you’re heating element gets shot or some other internal technical issue arises, then you’re out on a limb. Replacing Cuisinart parts is not an option for most home cooks. Cuisinart provides a warranty, but don’t expect it to be honored a few years from purchase date.

Grease Catch Design Flaws

  • The biggest fault of the Cuisinart Electric Grill is its grease trap. You’ll discover that the built in trap fills quickly and runs a risk of overfilling. Be sure to line the built in trap with aluminum foil because grease will need to be disposed of often. More likely than not grease will eventually drip from this grill, so just be sure to clean up any mess made directly beneath the grill.

The Cuisininart versus the Competition:

Looking for More Value? Try the Weber Smokey Joe.

  • Anyone looking at the Weber Smokey Joe will remember the classic tabletop kettle charcoal grill. This baby is cheap with a price tag under $50. Sure, you’re going to need to buy charcoal for it, but try finding a more affordable quality grill than this Weber.

Want a Top of the Line Electric Grill? Go for the Weber Q 2400.

  • My favorite electric grill on the market today is Weber’s Q 2400. This grill has all the bells and whistles. Solid construction meets consistent electric-based grilling results. You’ll never feel like you’re playing with a toy when grilling with this Weber. Just keep in mind the higher price tag.

My review of the Weber Q 2400.

Value for the Money

  • The Cuisinart Grill meets a lot of my needs. It’s affordable, lightweight, electric, and delivers an authentic grilling experience. For anyone needing an electric grill that sets up and breaks down easy, then there is nothing better on the market. As long as you keep in mind that this is a $150 grill with a limited lifespan you’ll be fine. Overall, I give the Cuisinart Outdoor Electric Grill a total of 3.5 stars out of 5.

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