I love grilling. The sear marks, the slightly smokey flavor, and the sizzle of the grilling meat all makes for a fantastic experience. Nothing gets more American than a BBQ with friends and family on a lazy summer evening.81oPiUAA9XL._SL1500_

One sad fact remains though: grilling in the Winter time is near impossible. Good luck braving the weather in the first place. Walking around in the snow is no fun, cold winds sap your energy, and it may even begin to snow while your out grilling. Even getting your grill to a high temperature can be practically impossible.

What’s a guy to do? This is where the beauty of indoor grills come in. I am not talking about bringing a charcoal grill inside to protect it from the elements. Rather, we need grills designed and dedicated solely to grilling inside.

Determining one indoor grill from another can be tough. Most look similar and cost nearly the same price. Do I go with a George Foreman? A generic Cuisinart model at Walmart? How do I know I will get a quality product?

I would definitely recommend the Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill for anyone seeking an indoor grill. It offers convenience in use, an affordable price, and grills meats fairly well. Would I support it over a traditional BBQ Grill? Not quite. We need to always remember these are different tools for different uses.

Below I will run through a detailed review of my thoughts on the Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill. I will try to tackle a few key questions any buyer may have about the Delonghi. First, is this grill easy to use? Second, does it actually grill meat well? Third, is it simple to clean? Plenty of other features will be highlighted as well. Let’s begin.


Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill
Under $59.95
Even Heating
Totally Safe to Use Inside
Small Footprint on Counter
Plug into Any Outlet
Nonstick Surfaces
Adjustable Grilling Temperatures
Glass Splatter Proof Tray


About as Easy as Grilling Gets

  • No rocket science or voodoo magic is required to run this grill. Transparency is the key word to describe what it’s like to cook on the Delonghi. With charcoal and gas grills, you have to leave the lid down and approximate when the meat is ready to be flipped and taken off. You’ll end up seeing everything right as it happens with the Delonghi. Temperature controls are precise, the included lid is a clear see-through glass, and grill keeps a steady temperature. All it comes down to is selecting a temperature and waiting for the meat to cook.

Delivers Sear Marks and Keeps Meat Moist

  • Presentation is about half the battle when it comes to grilling. We all want a nice piece of grilled meat that has those black sear marks and a slightly crisped skin. The Delonghi succeeds on this front. Your meat will have that grilled look to it. As a bonus, the meat will stay moist and tender as it grills thanks to the fat constantly running down the rivets of the grill. If you dislike charcoal BBQ due to meat drying out, the Delonghi does a fantastic job in solving this problem. Unfortunately, the meats do not achieve that smoky flavor many of us have come to associate with true BBQ. This will be discussed further in the Cons section of the review.

Super fast and Easy Cleanup81g+0KJokRL._SL1500_

  • First of all, most of this grill can be washed in the dishwasher. If you’re hooked on the dishwasher, rest easy knowing that the glass grill cover and the drip pan can be placed in there for a no-hassle cleanup. Here are my tips. Before grilling, line your drip pan with tin foil so that all you need to do is throw the tin foil away, rather than having to clean the drip pan. Second, you should just wipe your grill down with moist paper towel after your grill has cooled off from grilling to quickly get rid of any mess. Lastly, use paper towels and warm soapy water to clean up any excessive mess that the dishwasher or moist paper towels can’t handle. Compared to a charcoal grill and all it requires for cleanup, the Delonghi is a pleasure to keep tidy.

Satisfies that Grilling Need during the Winter Months

  • As mentioned in the introduction, grilling during those colder months is impossible for more than half this country. If you want to make the crazy choice of grilling outdoors when it is below freezing, go ahead and do it. Count me out though. Winter time requires different methods. Thankfully enough, electric grills just keep getting better and cheaper each year. Please stay indoors this Winter and avoid the cold. Just plug the electric grill into the outlet, and have everything grilled up in less than an hour.

A Nice Choice for Apartment Dwellers

  • Most apartment dwellers aren’t allowed to keep open flame grills at their apartments. This leaves one choice, electric grills. Personally, I am a big advocate of electric grills for anyone living in an apartment. If you lack an outdoor patio space or terrace, then definitely go with the Delonghi Perfecto Grill. You’ll get a close enough BBQ flavor from the Delonghi and it will cost you one low price.

Small Footprint, but Plenty of Grilling Space

  • Keeping a big grill out on the patio is a pain for many. Think about all that space being given up for a tool you may only use a few times. Especially for those of you out there with a tiny patio, indoor grills may be the only choice you can make. Relax, this is not a hot plate meant for only one person. Grilling for a family of four is definitely possible with the 12 x 6 inches of cooking space. You won’t be able to cook a feast for the family, but definitely four burgers or plenty of dogs at once is a possibility.

Grills Chicken and Fish Well

  • Chicken, fish, and precooked meats should all be your mainstays on the Delonghi Perfecto Grill. Due to a limited heat output, you simply won’t be able to grill red meats and pork. Nonetheless, the Delonghi kicks butt when it comes to chicken and fish. Just let the grill heat up for ten minutes, and then begin grilling.

A Low Priced Addition to a Grilling Arsenal

  • If you are able to have a charcoal or propane grill, I would recommend it. Never would I say the Delonghi is the superior choice when compared to traditional forms of grills. However, the Delonghi Perfecto Grill makes a great compliment to traditional grills. The convenience of the Delonghi makes it useful in some situations, and is definitely a nice tool to have in the kitchen during the Winter.


Limited Lifespan

  • If you’re looking for a Weber quality product, the Delonghi isn’t for you. Expect this grill to last for five years at most. A variety of things can go wrong for you. The non-stick cooking surface can get scraped to Hell. Your power cord may brake just due to general wear. And the heating element may just burn out. For the price, the investment is not a complete loss. Unfortunately, there just aren’t Weber quality grills on today’s indoor grill market.

Non-Stick Coating81bqMSeWWwL._SL1500_

  • The non-stick Teflon coating does scrape off and wear off over time. This contributes to the limited lifespan of the Delonghi Grill. Many folks out there also believe that non-stick cooking surfaces made of aluminum and Teflon are dangerous if consumed through scrapings. Personally, this fact doesn’t deter me from buying non-stick products, but it does for some.

Not Ideal for Red Meats

  • At the end of the day, this grill just won’t get hot enough to cook red meats and pork. If your red meats are extra thin, they will grill, but that is not ideal for many. For both safety and taste concerns, I would only grill raw red meats and pork on a propane, charcoal, or higher-powered electric grill.

Delonghi versus Similar Grill Models

Want an Indoor & Outdoor Grill?

Need a Premium Electric Grill?

Value for the Money?

  • The Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill makes for a fantastic choice if you specifically need an indoor grill. Don’t throw out your charcoal or gas grill when this baby arrives in the mail. It just can’t compete, and shouldn’t be expected to do so. Nonetheless, the Delonghi Grill makes a great addition to any kitchen. Grilling in the Winter and just there mere convenience justifies a buy in my opinion. Overall, I give the Delonghi Perfecto Grill a total of four out of five stars.

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